Max & Penny



Max & Penny came to us together in 2011, in our last round of foster kittens. Max was an adorable, loving kitten who was determined to climb on my shoulders; I bonded to him immediately when he took ill the first day we had him, and I rushed the poor little helpless guy to the emergency clinic. Now that he's grown up, he's still just as loving and he still climbs on my shoulder several times a day. Except now, instead of sitting on ONE shoulder, he drapes his twelve-plus pounds around my neck like a boa. He eats everything not nailed down and we must limit his intake to keep his weight in line. He sleeps with me almost every night, snuggling up against my knees and pinning me under the covers.

Penny was an only kitten that we took on so she could be with the other kittens in Max's litter. Big mistake; she was so insufferably cute I just had to have her. She's still just as cute, but she's proven to be a handful and an eccentric. She's our little piss-pot, going outside the litterbox regularly. She's full of energy and likes to charge up and down the hallways chasing thrown toy mice. She is Daddy's girl and prefers to hang around Mike; only in his office does she like to have her back rubbed -- go figure. She's a skinny-Penny and we have to coax her to eat by sprinkling her food with "pixie dust" (ground-up cat treats). She loves grated cheese and begs for it at least once a day.

Pet Food Express, our local pet store, has an arrangement with rescue organizations. If you adopt an animal and give a minimum donation to your rescue, they'll put a poster of your pet up in the store for six months. So we bit. They sent a professional photographer to our house and she took some dynamite pictures of Max.

After the poster was up in the store, we took Max himself to see it.

Our poor Maxie is such an uptight kitty.