2001: Northern California

Buying an RV

January - March


In 2001, we finally realized our dream of seeing a chunk of this magnificent country in our very own RV. We've been starry-eyed over this idea ever since our 2000 try-out venture into Northern California and the redwoods. It's a dream that seems particularly poignant in retrospect; who could have predicted how the terrible events of 9/11/2001 would change our world?

Our first task of the new year was to procure a magic pumpkin to carry us off to adventure. After months of research on various types and brands, we stormed the Pleasanton RV Show in early January, armed with our 50-item checklist and a healthy skepticism for RV salesmen. After a very l-o-o-o-o-o-ng day and a dizzying array of choices, we came away with a particular brand in mind. A week or two of shopping around followed, and soon we had ordered our 30-foot Komfort fifth wheel!

 Proud papa.

Our one-ton Dodge Ram 3500 Turbo-diesel (oink, oink), ordered in December, finally arrived in March. Soon we were on our way to Auburn where our shiny new trailer awaited. What an interesting drive home, towing five tons behind us! I felt like I was squeezed between two giant mules pulling in opposite directions.

Several weeks of preparation followed; it's a lot of work to completely stock a new house!

Finally in April we hit the road for the first time, but our trip was cut short after only five days by a freak accident (more later on this).

We tried again in June, and this time we spent twelve wonderful weeks exploring Northern California, Oregon, and Washington. It was great fun, and we can't wait to do it all over again!