2006: Glacier

Hike to Hidden Lake



We managed one more major hiking day before leaving Montana behind, and it was one of our best.

First we returned to Logan Pass, and hiked a short distance on a path called The Garden Wall, hanging off a cliff above Going-To-The-Sun Road.

There wasn't all that much to see on The Garden Wall, except for the ubiquitous Columbia ground squirrels and a lot of other hikers, so we retraced our steps and switched gears to the other side of Logan Pass and a popular hike to Hidden Lake. The first part of the hike, to an overlook of the lake, climbs about 600 feet on a series of boardwalks, then heads off underneath some jagged crumbling peaks.

Mountain goats lounged in the shade and munched wildflowers within a few feet of the trail, fascinating the many tourists passing by.

Once you reach the lake overlook, it's another 700 feet down the hillside (and back up again later) to actually reach Hidden Lake. We decided to go for it, and were rewarded with spectacular views and a close-up experience with a very special mountain lake.

We took about an hour to rest and enjoy the lakeside experience. While I cooled my sore feet in the crystal water, an overly inquisitive chipmunk invaded our daypack and tried to make off with our trail mix. Then, all too soon, it was time to make the climb back out.