Pollock Pines

2008: Tractor Momma


Our September 2008 visit to "the property" was strictly a working trip. A giant oak tree near our RV pad had fallen over during the winter, and it would provide Mike's family with firewood for quite a while. With a tractor, a chainsaw, and a log splitter, we tackled the job and conquered the tree in a couple of days. Guess who drove the tractor!

Mike tackles the hard part with the chainsaw.

Run for your lives! Here comes Tractor Momma with the forklift!

 A job well done.

Mike operates the log splitter, and I dump the results into the trailer.

The next day, Mike decided I was now so skilled with the tractor that we'd tackle a couple of other jobs. First, we towed an old Jeep from Mike's mom's house up to the property, where we left it near the big trailer.

When that relatively simple task was done, Mike decided we should take the opportunity to clean up some dead brushpiles and dump them in a hole. Guess who again.

Finally there was time for some well-deserved relaxation among the trees. We even had a friend join us for a time.