Pollock Pines

2011: Duck Soup


We hadn't spent much time in our private woods for about three years, so it was time for a visit.

As usual, we did some kayaking on Jenkinson Lake, or Sly Park Lake as the locals (including Mike) call it. We were too late in the summer for baby ducks and geese, but the adults and their near-grown offspring were happy to partake of our stale bread.

The lake was very full for a change and that allowed us to paddle pretty far up the stream bed which feeds the lake, almost to the local waterfall.

How do you drive this thing? Shower bed.

While usually a grumpy traveler, Peanut seemed to be having a pretty good time on this trip. I was allowing him some short forays outside, hoping I could trust him not to sprint off into the forest. He even lobbied for a turn in the kayak, but I wisely suggested to him that water probably isn't his thing. Despite his fondness for the shower floor.

On one of our little walks, we encountered a big surprise. Peanut had never seen a cat THIS big!

Who dat? Who dat say who dat? OK, NOW what?!? Annnnd...they're off!
Settled at last.

Fortunately, I was able to catch up to Peanut before he disappeared into the woods forever. That was the end of his free-roaming around the trailer for a while.