Pollock Pines

2012: Spring Fling


This year, we got up to the woods in May while there were still baby birds on the lake, and we had a lot of fun paddling among the geese and feeding them. The goslings were impossibly cute.

Once again the lake was quite full, so we explored under the bridge and to the end of the stream. We landed the kayaks on a grassy bank, and crossed over the bridge to visit the cascading waterfall that feeds the lake from snowmelt.

Since it was early spring, the bucks were still growing their antlers. We had many small groups of bucks visit our grain drop, including one unfortunate fellow who had already broken one of his budding horns. The remnant was still hanging from his head, attached by the velvet.

And...we also got some other spring visitors. How long until Thanksgiving?

This was the first RV experience for Max and Penny, and they adapted quite well. We also brought Ginny, but left Peanut at home with a cat sitter, thinking he would be happier. He had become such a poor traveler we didn't want to subject him to the stress. However, when we returned after about ten days, he was so pitifully glad to see us that we resolved never again to leave him behind.