2010: Bryce Canyon

Peekaboo Loop Trail


Time for one last hike into Bryce Canyon. Queen's Garden, which we hiked earlier in the week, is in the north part of the canyon, so we chose a longer and steeper hike in the south called Peekaboo Loop.

As we drove into the park, our friends the pronghorns came out to greet us! Or I suppose they could have been just grazing.

The major landmark on this trail is the Wall of Windows. I didn't know exactly what it was or where it was, but I figured the name is a pretty big clue. And I was right; it's an unmistakable landmark, one of the classic pictures taken at Bryce. We took about a billion more. I only found two windows, but the wall part was hard to miss.

When we reached the apex of the loop, we were pretty tired already -- the trail to this point should have been named Upstairs, Downstairs. If we stayed on Peekaboo, we would turn and make the second arm of the loop, which was probably going to be more of the same.

My tired legs decided it would be easier to intersect the Navajo Loop and climb out on the same set of switchbacks we'd used a couple of days ago. So we did that, and once on the rim we hopped aboard the shuttle bus to take the easy way back to the truck.

Back at the parking lot, Mike was attracted to a piece of red shiny machinery, and struck up a conversation with the owner. Turns out he was one of several bikers who rode all the way from Vancouver! These guys and their wives all ride with motorcycle tent-trailers following behind them and camp out all across the country. By the way, the owner of the red bike is 69!

Peanut (and Mike) got in one last outing in the weeds of Cannonville, while enjoying the pleasant rural sounds of gravel-crushing.