2010: Lake Powell

Dam and Horseshoe Bend


Time for a low-stress day. Mike was still fussing over the refrigerator, so we found an RV supply repair business in Page and made a stop there. The owner's name was also Mike; a good omen, perhaps? Mike the Owner told Mike the Husband that the problem might be a clogged vent pipe and suggested that rather than replacing parts, he should try to clear the vent.

On the way back to camp, we stopped by the Glen Canyon Dam visitor center. There wasn't much to see there, other than some nice views of the dam, power plant, and Colorado River. They offer tours of the dam, so we signed up to do one the next morning.

The tour was kinda ho-hum. We did a tour of Hoover dam years ago, and if you've toured one dam...yeah, jaded, I know. But let's face it, Hoover is the granddaddy of dams so Glen Canyon didn't have much new to show us.

One interesting thing here was the two-acre grass field at the bottom of the dam; a fellow was mowing it as we toured. Apparently Lady Bird Johnson, who dedicated the dam in 1966, asked that they plant it as part of her beautification campaign. I guess they're lucky she didn't ask for a rose garden.

From the dam, we decided to visit Horseshoe Bend, a place where the Colorado River has curved into almost a complete circle and carved out a huge island-like peninsula. It's a short but slogging hike through sand from the highway to the viewpoint. Take your sun hat and your wide-angle lens if you're going.

From Horseshoe Bend, we headed back into Page to see about taking a tour to Antelope Canyon. Along the highway I noticed the rambling power poles spread out over the landscape, carrying hydroelectric power from the dam to the southwest. I found the shape of these particular monsters to be somewhat menacing; I half expected one to wrench its girder feet out of the earth and come after us, like the Ents uprooting and chasing down Sauron and his goblin army.

I named it Voltzilla. I think I hear its footsteps crashing this way.

When we got back to camp, Mike tried clearing the refrigerator vent; then he put the fridge back on electric power to test it. Nope, still not working. I'm sure glad we have the backup option of running it on propane. And did I mention the four or five broken window shades? *Sigh*. Our rolling house is turning into quite the albatross.

The kitties seemed to have adjusted quickly after this move. It probably helped that the in-transit time was only a few hours. Peanut slept in the closet for a while after we landed, but then came out for dinner and seemed pretty chipper the next day.

We're experimenting with some short forays outside the trailer using their leashes. They seem to enjoy the chance to get out and we're hoping it will keep them a bit more contented.