2010: Zion National Park

River Walk


There was one more walk we wanted to do before saying farewell to Zion: the very easy Riverside Walk, a paved one-mile trail alongside the Virgin River at the far end of the canyon.   

The trailhead starts at the last shuttle stop, the area named the Temple of Sinawava.

We had hoped to do this walk as part of the more difficult Narrows hike -- a real river walk, in it not just beside it -- but due to excessive water flow in the river, the Narrows was closed to hiking.  I guess I can see why.  I guess maybe I'm a little glad.  This one might have been biting off too much.

Our refrigerator has been acting up, and finally it quit working altogether.  Fortunately the problem was specific to running on electricity; when we switched it to propane, it worked again.  Finger-crossing time; we'll be in big trouble if the fridge craps out.