2010: Zion National Park

Zion River Resort


Our final driving leg to Zion would only take three hours. To keep Peanut out of trouble, we decided to carry him in the truck cab instead of the bouncy trailer. While it didn't help his anxiety much, it did seem to alleviate the symptoms of motion sickness he was displaying. We could only hope that he'd bounce back to his old self after we settled down for ten days at our next stop. We left Nevada as we had found it -- with highway patrol cars ready to swoop down on the unsuspecting motorists crossing the state line.

We took a brief drive across the northwest corner of Arizona before entering Utah. We could only hope our RV didn't look too illegal-alien, as we weren't carrying our citizenship papers. It was interesting to see the many retirement-oasis communities that sprouted like weeds alongside the highway.

We reached the Zion River Resort, our home for the next ten days, by just after noon. I congratulated us on arriving just as check-in time rolled around, but of course I was an hour off -- Utah is on Mountain time, not Pacific. Fortunately I was an hour off in the right direction. The resort was just as beautiful, immaculate, and welcoming as their website led us to believe. We were eager to settle down for a while and see if the cats would ever forgive us.

A few pictures from Zion River Resort: