2017: New Orleans

Camp Day

April 1


We had booked a full two weeks in the state park, so we had plenty of breathing room for "camp days" -- days we stay in camp, do chores, kick back without having to be a working tourist. So that's just what we did on our second day. We took the opportunity for a nice bike ride all around the park.

Walled in.

The state park is named after a bayou (marshy inlet) that runs directly alongside. The bayou is connected to two large freshwater lakes nearby. All that water is beautiful and creates opportunities for recreation; but this is New Orleans, which means it's also a flooding hazard. So the park is separated from its namesake bayou by a pretty impressive flood-control wall.

We found a large gate where we could ride outside the wall, and discovered some waterside cabins that are also part of the state park. Mike noted that the cabins are all floating on pontoons, which allows them to rise or fall with the water level.

Wall breach. Bayou bungalows. Flood plain. Biking the bayou.

Back inside the wall, we discovered a snowy egret seemed to be following us. Until we got too close to take his picture.

Down the road we found another gate which led to a boat dock. A tourist air boat passed us by, mercifully running slowly and not-too-loudly. Near the boat dock, we found a similar craft just sitting abandoned in a parking lot.

Not far from the boat dock, we discovered a short boardwalk trail through the vegetation, leading to the edge of the bayou.

Break-in!  Big pool.

Leaving behind the bayou and the flood wall, we explored the other end of the huge state park. We rode to the "wave pool", a big swimming pool with wave-generating machinery in a large building at one end. When in operation, it simulates the waves of the ocean. The pool wasn't open yet for the season, but someone had conveniently left a gate open for us to explore.

It had been a pleasant hour or two biking around this jewel of a park. We worked our way slowly back to the RV section, enjoying the scenery all the way.