2017: Del Rio

Downtime in Del Rio

March 9-11


Our next destination was San Antonio, but our chosen RV resort couldn't accept us until March 12; so we moved on to a midpoint in Del Rio for some downtime. Hidden Valley RV Park was a bit challenging to find and there were a couple of hairy turns on the way, but it was absolutely worth the effort. Situated on the very outskirts of town, in a residential area adjacent to open fields and woods, it was as quiet as a church but filled with wildlife for both us and the cats to enjoy. Kathy and Mark, who run the park, are delightful accommodating people. Everything about the place made for a wonderful stay, and made me wish that there were actually something to see and do in Del Rio so we would have reasons to stay longer.

The RV spaces were large, grassy, and lined with huge trees. We were lucky to find a spot where a tree had not completely leafed out, or satellite reception would have been nil! For our first two nights, we had three adjacent spaces all to ourselves. Even when some neighbors moved in the third night, it was still quiet and peaceful.

The office is adjacent to a big red barn, freshly painted. Behind the barn is a matching garage which holds the owner's pet project, an antique 1953 "pumper" fire engine in various stages of restoration. The decorations on it are leftovers from a Christmas parade appearance.

Another building houses a comfy room for reading or playing cards, and the camp laundry. The machines aren't the usual coin-operated style, just regular washers and dryers. Payment is on the honor system; you leave what you owe in an envelope. Imagine that.

Rich and Lis are charged up. Jose and the house-movers.

We had a wonderfully pleasant three days relaxing and talking with other campers. We met Rich and Lis when they rode their electric bicycles past us. Lis generously allowed me to take a spin on hers. It was peppy! They also gave us some tips for San Antonio, our next destination and their previous one.

Mike enjoyed watching Jose and crew moving an old dilapidated manufactured home off the property. They were happy to pose in front of their handiwork.

Don't fence me in. Wall? What wall?

Of course, we had to visit the big tourist attraction in Del Rio: The Wall. Who knew Trump could work so fast? Ha ha, just kidding. This wall, or fence actually, has been around for a while. The funniest thing about it is that it just ends, connecting to an easily breached barbed-wire fence. That and it is constructed about two miles from the actual border. Mike had to prove its effectiveness.

Keep on truckin'.

After The Great Escape, we drove down to the other end of the wall where we encountered the main border crossing between Mexico and Del Rio. The cars were lined up as far as the eye could see. Just beyond a chain-link fence, we watched truck after truck pass through what appeared to be some kind of scanner, then move on to a border agent who checked their credentials. Ironically, the trucks were making better progress than the cars.

We returned from the Great Wall Adventure to find our feline brood wide awake in our new location. How could they not be, with all the critters to watch? Of course, they had to take out some of their energy on my laundry.