2017: Hot Springs

Kayaking the Ouchita

April 25


We'd been talking about kayaking on the beautiful river alongside the RV park. The park had kayaks to rent, but I wasn't enthusiastic about that; they were the usual sit-on-tops that I didn't like very much. I was reluctant to ask Mike to put together our own kayaks because it's a good hour's work, but he agreed to do it.

It was simply glorious to get back on the water in my own little boat. I'd missed it. We paddled upriver, knowing there was a small dam with a spillway in that direction.

The water was smooth and there was very little wind. If we'd had some birds to feed, it would have been perfect.

At one point along the way, I found a shady side channel and followed it for a bit. I wondered if it might lead back to the RV park. But when I saw some people walking around at what appeared to be the end of the channel, I turned around to go back to the main river.

We finally saw the spillway and paddled close enough to hear the roar of the cascade and feel the current it generated. Mike took a couple of pics of me, and then he attempted a selfie. And I took a pic of him taking the selfie -- a double selfie!

  Mike selfie. Mike selfie-ing.
Watch the birdie!

On our first day, I'd seen a mama wood duck with her brood of tiny babies near the dock. They paddled away furiously when I went near them. I had hoped we might see some other birds out on the river, but sadly there were none. Then suddenly as we were returning back down the river, Mike motioned me to stop and pointed to the bank, and there standing in the shallows was a great blue heron! It even posed for him!

It was a lovely, quiet two or three hours of solitude on the water. I hoped Mike enjoyed it enough to make up for all the work assembling and disassembling the kayaks.