2017: New Orleans

City Park

April 7


I'd read on TripAdvisor that the New Orleans City Park was worth a look, so we headed there for an outing. This time, as we crossed the bridge, I was able to snap a photo of the skyline.

Bunching onions. Lotsa lettuce.

We started out with the botanical gardens, I was expecting flowers, but the first thing we found was a big vegetable garden.

They had a little of everything in this place. Next to the vegetables was a small hothouse filled with succulents and cacti. I began to believe the garden was probably structured for kids.

Just as I came to that realization, a group of kids with a docent came along. She gathered the kids outside the cactus-house and was pointing to something on the wall. I moved over to listen; she was showing them a caterpillar that was attaching himself to a brick, in preparation for metamorphosis. On a nearby brick were two of his friends who'd already turned into chrysalises. Way kewl!

The botanical garden had a charming greenhouse building with a lovely water garden. Inside was a small tropical rainforest.

I loved the many mature oaks in the park, some no doubt hundreds of years old. One enormous tree had apparently fallen over many years ago, and just kept growing sideways!

I'd read about the sculpture garden that was part of the park and we finally found it at the far end from the botanical garden. Also at the end of the park was a beautiful pond.